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  • If you have any other questions, feel free to contact us.


How to register an account?

1. Swipe down the screen, the menu view will appear.
2. Tap “Account” item at the top of the menu.
3. Tap “Sign up” tab on top of the form.
4. Fill in “Email”, “Password”, “Password(Re-enter)”, “Gender”, “Birthday”.
5. Tap “Done” on the top right corner, after a few seconds, registering an account completes.


How to edit account info?

You can edit account info if you already logged in.
1. Swipe down the screen, the menu view will appear.
2. Tap “Account” item at the top of the menu.
3. Tap “Edit” on the top right corner.
4. You can edit your account info, after editing, tap “Done” on the top right to finish.


How to log in to your account?

1. Swipe down the screen, the menu view will appear.
2. Tap “Account” item at the top of the menu.
3. Fill in “Email” and “Password” that you have already registered.
4. Tap “Done” on the top right corner, logging in completes after a few seconds.


Can not log in

Please double check your email address and password.
And make sure your device connects to the Internet.


The features for log-in users

As of v2.2.0, we provides two features for log-in users.


Auto Backup

Automatically back up your important data.
To continue backup, please not to terminate the app from the background.
We are afraid, battery consumption might increase first 2 or 3 days.


Passcode Lock

When passcode lock is enabled, the lock screen is presented at the time of open the application.
This feature will be disabled when you logged out.


Forgot password

You can request password reset from “Did you forgot your password?” button on log-in menu.
If you already logged in, go to “Account”, tap “Edit” on the top right, tap “Change password”, then tap “Did you forgot your password?”.
Fill in your email address correctly and tap “Done” on the top right.
We send a password reset URL to the email address. The expiration of time for the URL is one hour.

If our message won’t come in a few minutes, make sure your email filter settings.


Forgot email address

If you’ve forgotten, or lost access to the email address for your SilentLog account, contact us with your account info; “Gender”, “Birthday”, “Password” (if possible).
If we are able to verify you as the account owner, we send back to you.


What kind of function is usable when I register an account?

automatically back up a record.
Photos will not be backed up


Where do you store the backup?

been strictly stored in our server.


About an available function

Table summarizes the features that are available in such as a purchase of account creation and premium ticket is the following.


About buying a premium ticket

What can do when you buy a premium ticket?


What can do when you buy a premium ticket?

become able to use two functions when purchase a premium ticket.
usable function is a pass cord function and a weather record function.
In addition, I can watch the record of own in WEB when purchase a premium ticket in the state that I made account registration.
After purchasing a premium ticket,When you do a re-installation and replacement of the iPhone app,
It will return to the state of the premium ticket not yet non purchased.


To restore purchase information

It is necessary to log in with account registration beforehand.
By carrying out the account registration and login, premium ticket information is tied to the account information.
If you purchased the ticket without account registration,Ticket information is tied to the newly created account.
If you uninstall, please note that the ticket purchase information is not tied.


And with restoration preparation of premium ticket information

※Always, please go to before performing the replacement of uninstall and iPhone.
After the premium ticket purchase, please perform account registration.
Account registration can be registered from the “Register now” button.
If you already account registered, please login from the menu “Account”.


How to restore the premium ticket information

Start the silent log from iPhone after re-installation or replacement, please log in from “Account” in the menu.
Please confirm that the expiration date, which is displayed in the menu “General”> “premium account” is displayed correctly.


About the extension of the premium period, the re-purchase

Extend the premium period, or to re-purchase, you can extend from “buy the ◯◯” button.
“This subscription is already purchased. Tap the purchase update or extend.” Message appears that,
You can extend the premium period by pressing again “buy” button.
After the purchase, “General” menu> Please confirm that the expiration date that appears is extended to purchase “premium account”.


About the rate of the premium ticket

You can purchase in the following fee.
1 month: 120 yen
3 months: 400 yen
1 year: 1,080 yen
※ This is the price of time in September 2015


About SilentLog for Apple Watch

Since Apple Watch has no GPS attached for now, SilentLog for Apple Watch doesn’t work correctly without connecting to your iPhone.
In case a future Apple Watch will be able to locate the current location on its own, we will make the best of the feature.


Notification (says “Keep running in the background”) comes when the app terminated

As of v2.1.0, SilentLog show you a message when you terminate the app from the multitasking view.
Terminating the app loses the logging quality.


“Walk” is counted as “Transport” or in reverse

Whether “Walk” or “Transport” is determined by the motion sensor chip instrumented on the device (iPhone 5S, 6, 6Plus).
We will improve this determination based on your context of activity.


Strange place or time is logged

In case your device hard to get GPS data, your location and activity cannot be logged correctly.
To enhance logging quality, try keeping the Wi-Fi switch on, even if you have no access to the Internet. iPhone is able to know where you are by Wi-Fi spots around you.
We continue improving logging quality in any situation as possible.


Worry about device’s battery life

You can turn on “Battery Saving Mode” from “General” on the menu.
Battery Saving Mode reduces battery consumption instead of logging location accuracy compared to the normal mode.



Thank you for using SilentLog and please let me know if you have any other questions.