【Update 10/6】About Estimate The Type of Transport

Oct. 6, 2022


Thank you for using SilentLog.

=====Added October 6, 2022(Japan time)=====
Regarding the malfunction of the “Function to estimate the type of transport” described below,
We have completed the correction in the verification environment.

Even in the environment of the silent log application, we will reflect the correction of the program today.
We will resume the daily estimation process from tomorrow.
For the period (from August 1, 2022 to yesterday) that could not be estimated, we will re-execute the estimation process sequentially.
We will complete the re-execution of the estimation process around October 12, 2022(Japan time).

We apologize for the inconvenience this time.
===== Addendum =====

Currently, there is a problem with the function that estimates the type of transport.
Sorry. Please wait for a while until the system is restored.

If there is any further news, we will update it on this page.

Thank you.