【Update 2/16】About black screen in the iOS version

Feb. 16, 2022


Thank you for using SilentLog.

===== Update February 16, 2022 =====
About the “black screen with only dates and menus” phenomenon described below
It turned out that it is a phenomenon that occurs when the access permission of “Photo” is set to “None”.
If this happens, We apologize for the inconvenience,
please set the “Photos” permission to “All Photos” or “Selected Photos”.
This issue will be fixed in a future update.
===== Update End =====

We have received several inquiries about the iOS version of the SilentLog app, where only the “black screen with only dates and menus” like the screenshot below is displayed.
The detailed cause is under investigation,
Tap the menu button, wait for about 30 seconds, the menu screen will be displayed, and then you can use it normally
We have received a solution from the user.


If this happens, please try the above solution.

Thank you.