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List of Frequently Asked Questions

About SilentLog

SilentLog’s aim is intended to create a Timeline by deviding your day into Stay, Walk, Transport and leave lifelogs without having to do any special operation.

Devices for SilentLog

SilentLog run at iPhone after iPhone5s.
SilentLog do NOT run at iPad.

About SilentLog Account

If you create SilentLog Account, your data will be backup at server.

Can not create SilentLog Account

How to delete SilentLog Account

If you delete SilentLog Account, you can NOT restore information about that account.

Please access below URL and enter neccessary information.
Delete Account URL

About AppleWatch(SilentLog)

SilentLog of AppleWatch …
do NOT sync data between iPhone and AppleWatch

Can not display photos(SilentLog)

Please confirm abount authorization at iPhone setting.
iPhone’s Setting app -> Privacy -> Photos -> SilentLog will be
「Read and Write」

About SilentLog Plus

SilentLog Plus retrieves, displays and synchronizes data that backed up from SilentLog(iPhone app).
SilentLog Plus is exclusively for users who have purchased a premium ticket and registering an account.

Devices for SilentLog Plus

SilentLog Plus run at iPad on iOS11 or later.
SilentLog Plus do NOT run at iPhone.