We released SilentLog version 3.0.0.
We introduce the added feature this time.


“Transport” to Estimate Activity Automatically


SilentLog has a feature editing name of Activity.
Do you use it ??

From ver 3.0.0, SilentLog automatically estimate “Transport” activities’s to “Train”,”Car”,”Bicycle”.
(Sorry, “Train” is JAPAN Only)


“Transport” to Estimate Activity Schedule


Data after 3.0.0 release  -> Every around 6 A.M, SilentLog estimates “Yesterday” data.(Example, Estimate 10/25 data at 10/26 Morning.)

Data before 3.0.0 release -> At any time.


“Transport” to Estimate Activity Area


Japan -> “Train”,”Car”,”Bicycle”

Japan Only -> “Car”,”Bicycle”


Other updates

  • Fixed issue that Timeline Accuracy
  • Fixed issue that Launch for iOS 8 devices
  • Fixed UI for Edit name of Activity


Please try the latest version!


After the update, if you have troubles、please Contact us.
In addition, we can accept opinions such as want function, please do not hesitate to contact us!
If you have not been installed yet please install from this link.