A premium feature of Silentlog.

In the amount of one book worth diary in your own record.



Limited time offer

When you register an account now,

A premium ticket for 30 days is presented!

Features available in premium

 In the premium features, you will be able to such a thing.

Silentlog more fun, to peace of mind.





It’s necessary to buy a premium ticket to use the premium function.

About how to purchase tickets

Future, since we will be adding more premium features, please enjoy.

What you can do with the dashboard

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* A behavior track in a fixed period is seen.

* Behavior is judged from a heat map.

* The “total number of steps” of the fixed period “the total distance” “total time” is seen.

* A behavior cartoon film every day is seen.

* Extraction of a behavior record (the gpx format)

Function comparative chart of Silentlog

When an account is registered, you can use the following functions.


If you do not want to register an account, you can use this function.

※ automatic backup by account registration. On this occasion please!


Thank you for seeing to the last.
If you have not installed the silent logs, please try by all means on this occasion.

The question to the premium function

Q.How do use the dashboard?

A.Purchase of account registration and premium ticket is required.

 A premium ticket (for 30 days) is presented by account registration (no charge) now!

Q.After buying a ticket, even if model change is done, is ticket information taken over?

A.Before reinstalling model change and an application, please register an account and log in. Ticket information is attached to the account.

If it’s in the state with which an account isn’t registered, ticket information can’t be restored, so please be careful.


Q.There is a day when the weather isn’t indicated.

A.Weather settings do not appear turned off. Please use was changed to On!

Premium ticket previously purchased will not be displayed.


QWhat will happen to the premium features after the validity of the ticket has expired.

A.It expires and premium features will not be available.

When you buy a ticket once again, you can use it.


Q.All users can Accounting.

A.Billing amount and the expiration date is the following.

The 30th: $1.99
The 90th: $4.99
1 year:$ 15.99


Please try the person who isn’t installing silent log this chance by all means.


If you have any any questions, please check here.
If it is not resolved if you please contact support.